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WHH supports educational programs in Escarpment, Kenya.  We spread the love of God through sponsoring the education of individual children and young adults in these communities.  


Our program seeks to provide financial, academic and career support needed to enable program beneficiaries to support themselves and their families when they become adults.

Our program beneficiaries are orphans or other especially vulnerable young people who typically have entered the program while still in primary school. 

WHH partners with schools in and near the rural village of Escarpment.  We provide financial assistance to pay  primary school fees, high school tuition, and we continue to support students who continue on in post-secondary education. 


WHH provides medical assistance for program beneficiaries that includes covering prescribed medications, needed visits, and other medical specialists to Kijabe Mission Hospital. 


We provide the majority of the funding to feed 1,300 children every school day at four primary schools. The kids get a hot meal such as beans and rice and a variety of vegetables.


The biggest privilege WHH has is to share the love of Jesus with program beneficiaries.  We do this through sponsoring Bible studies during school breaks and vacation bible school-type activities and Christian character building with program beneficiaries.  

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