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It has been a joy to see how God has brought children and young adults to WHH and used our programs to bring the hope of the gospel to these individuals.  Read more about their stories!


Hanna, a WHH beneficiary in Escarpment, had repeated the 8th grade four times and had not scored high enough on her National Exam to obtain placement in a secondary school.   She expressed interest in hairdressing.  WHH agreed to send her to a hairdressing school.


Hanna is now living in an apartment on her own in a town not far from Escarpment.  She fully supports herself and is beyond grateful for the opportunity that WHH has given her.   


Vivian is 10 years old and lives in the slums of Kwangware with her grandmother, who also cares for nine other children in her home.  Vivian was still in first grade because her grandmother could not afford to pay her school fees.  Sewage surrounds Vivian's neighborhood and often leaks into the home during the rainy season.  


Vivian began attending Light 8:12's  Saturday program - where we provide a meal and time of worship.  Shortly after, she started  attending church on Sunday on her own.

This precious child's story is just one of many.  We are blessed to share God's love with her!


Leah is the youngest of nine children.  Her mother looks for odd jobs and her father works at an underpaid job in a far away town.  The family of 11 lives in a 12 x 14 home.  Being the youngest, the smallest and a girl means that Leah did not have the opportunity to go to school.  Leah has also struggled with malnutrition and a digestive disorder.  It has been a blessing to have Leah join us at Light 8:12.  She hums and sings while she works, and her smile lights up the room.  Leah has recently given herself the role of "aunt" to a new two year old student.  Her favorite activity is reading and she has become an expert at writing her letters!


Evanson, the first born of three, was born in Escarpment and was brought up by his grandparents.  His grandparents cared for 13 children, eight theirs and five grandchildren.  Evanson often experienced hunger as a child and essentials like clothing and shoes were sparse.  

In 2004, Evanson became a WHH beneficiary.  WHH sponsored Evanson's attendance to Escarpment Secondary School.  He took his national exams in 2007 but did not score high enough.   He went on to be compound prefect at a boarding school and retook his exams in 2009.  

In 2010 Evanson began the journey to becoming a nurse.  He currently is working as a Nurse Anesthetist.

His dream is to inspire others to pursue their dreams as WHH gave him the opportunity to do.  

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