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The work that we do in Escarpment and Kawangware, Kenya would not be possible without our wonderful staff who is on the ground every day serving the children in our programs.  Learn more about them and their stories below!


Silvier is one of our teachers at Light 8:12.  She grew up in Kibera, a Kenyan slum, along with her two siblings.  She is a strong believer that God is over all things.  Her upbringing was not easy but her parents provided for her in the midst of a difficult environment.  They instilled Christian values that would mold her and her siblings into who they are now.  


Silvier believes God is using her upbringing in a slum to bring inspiration to other children in the same situation now.  She does not want the children of Kawangware to be limited by their surroundings but instead wants to help them fight for what they desire.  In her free time, Silvier enjoys drawing, singing, spending time with her family and visiting children's homes.  


Beth has the distinction of being the first to be a beneficiary of WHH's Escarpment program, then joining the staff of Light 8:12 after completing her education.  See her full story in the Stories section of the website.  


Dorothy is one of our Light 8:12 teachers.  She grew up in Nairobi, Kenya.  She lived with her parents and five siblings and it was a struggle to survive.  Dorothy was able to attend primary school but she wasn't sure she would be able financially to attend high school.  Thankfully, a pastor sponsored her to attend under a program known as Compassionate Canada.  Bishop Daniel Ogutu and his wife Margaret continued to support her as she pursued her dream of becoming a teacher.  

Dorothy came to know the Lord through her family and school, where she was taught to trust God with everything in her life.  As a teacher, she strives to encourage kids to trust God and pursue their dreams.  She loves teaching alongside the other teachers at Light 8:12, and particularly enjoys sharing a common love for Jesus with them.  

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