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These are the people that help to make WHH possible!  We want you to know the people behind our organization.  Learn more about who they are and how they first got involved.

Terry Biroschik

Terry and his late wife Barb got involved with WHH at the very beginning.  They were apart of the New Covenant Sunday School class that made a commitment to Escarpment village the very first Sunday they learned of the Kenyan community.  

Favorite Memory: "One of the first projects was drilling a well of water for the village.  This was a couple year project.  My greatest memory was bring in the village the day the water was turned on.  Seeing the joy and celebration of the village people when the water began to flow will never leave me."

Doug & Brenda have also been involved with WHH from the very beginning.  They lead trips twice a year and have deep relationship with our partners in Escarpment.  

The Deans 

Nancy has been involved with WHH since 2005.  She was also apart of the New Covenant Sunday School Class.  She is loves being involved because the kids are amazing, especially the girls.  She wants the girls to know they can have opportunities with education and encouragement.

Favorite Memory: "There are so manyI know that God is working in Escarpment when I hear the women sing.  Their voices are so beautiful and truly give God the glory!"

Nancy Hern
Amy Kessinger

Amy got involved with WHH in 2014.  She has felt the call to go to Africa since she was a child.  Her sister-in-law had been on a WHH trip and thought it was life changing.  So her husband and her traded in their 20th anniversary to Paris for a trip to Kenya.  Since that first trip, Amy has started our Light 8:12 program in Kawangware, Kenya.  

Favorite Memory: "There is no way to pick a favorite memory!  Special bonds have been formed with a college girl named Beth, a young girl named Hannah with special needs, and a vivacious little boy named Silas.  They all have a special place in my hear and prayers." 

Ellen Marmon

Ellen has been involved with WHH since 2002.  Ellen caught the vision for how she could help bring hope to this part of the world when a Kenyan couple first visited their New Covenant Sunday School class.  She made her first trip to Escarpment with the Deans and Julie Broderson shortly after that and has been involved ever since.

Favorite Memory: "During our first visit I met an adorable little three year old during a church service.  She was very shy, but she did sit next to me for a picture.  Nine years later, Josephine is 12, a bright 5th grader who runs up to us with arms wide open.  She loves playing bubbles and her smile is priceless.  We want to see her and the other primary school students through to high school and college or trade school.  We're in this for the long haul!" 

Nathan Massey

Nathan has been involved with WHH since 2007.  In the summer of 2006 a returning Kenyan team shared during the worship service of Centenary Methodist Church.  The Lord gave me peace about going on a trip, desiring for me to step out of my comfort zone and to trust Him with the details.

Favorite Memory: "Working alongside a young man named Evanson who is a WHH program graduate.  We were in the medical clinic and I saw first hand his abundant medical knowledge that he was acquiring in nursing school, and most importantly his selfless sharing of himself and the love of Christ in all he does.  He claims I am his mentor, but truthfully, he has been a greater mentor to me!"

The Michels

Greg and Betty have been involved since WHH's birth!  Greg was the President of the Sunday School class when it decided to take on the project.  

Favorite Memory: "My trip to Kenya was terrific and life changing.  Seeing people waiting in line all day to see a doctor, children sleep on dirt floors when it is cold with no blanket changed me.  It is such a blessing to see a young man, who had no hope of a future, graduate from college as a WHH program beneficiary.  He is working a good job now." - Betty

The Pattersons

Gordon and Joyce first got involved in 2002 as a part of the New Covenant Sunday School class.  They have been to Kenya twice and both trips have been a life changing experience.

Favorite Memory: "We would never have dreamed that we would travel to Africa on a mission trip.  The Lord truly enlarged our territory and our hearts when He called u to trust Him in a new way that forever changed us.  Thee children are growing up with the ability to "give back" to their community, and we are seeing that happen.  True friendships have been established as they see us return to their village on a regular basis.  God has blessed us with the ability to share His love."

The Puddingtons

Phil and Mary have been involved since 2002.  After hearing about the Escarpment village in their Sunday School class.  

Favorite Memory: "The memory that had the greatest impact on me was seeing the source of water on my first visit to Escarpment.  I couldn't fathom that such a tiny mud hole supplied the drinking water for the people living there.  And I witnesses the women coming to fill jugs to carry home for their families.  When I got home, I realized that the water in our toilets was much clearer than any water that they used.  It was then that I knew that God had brought the needs of this village to our class for a purpose." - Mary

The Staffords

Jerry & Sandy first got involved in 2007.  They met Doug and Brenda at a party and Brenda asked Sandy if she wanted to go on the next trip.  

Favorite Memory: "My memories will always be those beautiful and happy smiles (Take me a picture!" - Sandy

Rebekah Straub

Rebekah serves on our board and has participated in many trips through the years.  Rebekah has also helped to communicate to the many wonderful people who donate to WHH through our newsletter and website.

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