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LIGHT 8:12

In addition to our work in Escarpment, Kenya, WHH also supports educational programs in the slum of Kawangware, Kenya.  We spread the love of God through the education of individual children in our school and Saturday worship programs.



In 2014 Amy and her husband Tom joined Worldwide Hearts and Hands on their first mission trip to Kenya.  During their first day Amy and Tom ventured away from the group into the Nairobi slum Kawangware.  What they experienced changed their lives forever and flooded their hearts with love and compassion for the children there.  Amy made many more trips in the years following and spent time with the children of Kawangware. Light 8:12 was born out of Amy’s desire to see these children loved, educated and told about God’s love for them.  Light 8:12 has expanded to offer a daily school, Saturday worship program and various medical needs.  In years to come, we have a vision to reach many more children through the expansion of Light 8:12’s program.


Light 8:12 believes first and foremost in bringing the truth of God’s word and light to children.  We believe every child deserves one-on-one nurturing, adequate nutrition and the preparatory skills needed to yield success in school and beyond.  Light 8:12 seeks to bring the truth and light of God’s word to the children of Kawangware through Bible lessons, songs and worship. Light 8:12 strives to meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of the children using age and developmentally appropriate activities.



We greet children's sweet faces Monday-Friday at our school.  These children face many difficulties at home and on the streets of Kawangware.  Our goal is to provide them with a safe, loving environment where they can experience God’s love.  The activities in our classroom, like a typical American school, include structured activities and open center time.  We maintain a small ratio of teacher per student to allow for lots of extra attention and therapeutic practices.  We have intentionally done this due to the neglect and abuse that many of our students have experienced.  The children receive breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack.  We are grateful that God has entrusted us with teaching the children academics, and most importantly, God’s true word. 


Saturday is a time for worshipping God and sharing a meal.  We have 40 children ages 1-13 who join us every Saturday.  We also teach manners and responsibility.  The children look forward to this time when they can be themselves, leave their worries behind and receive lots of unconditional love from our teachers and church volunteers.  We often have boys ages 12-17 who live on the streets of the slum come sit on the steps to listen during our Bible lessons.  After the younger children leave, the street boys graciously receive a large meal and clean water.  We take every opportunity to show these boys God’s love and tell them how loved they are by Him and by us.  


Poverty is often accompanied by conditions that lead to many health problems.  Poverty also robs many of these children of the ability to pay for doctor’s visits, medical tests, medications, clean water and nutritious food.  We keep a watchful eye on all of the children we serve at Light 8:12 and advocate for their medical needs.

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